Hip Hop Crew with Annika Knepper

Mondays 7:45-9:00pm

Class Requirements

  • Teacher approval is required. In general, dancers that are considered for this program will have a minimum of two previous years of hip hop experience.
  • Students must:
    • be between the age of 10-14.
    • be able to focus, are not a class distraction, and have positive energy.
    • love to choreograph and are  excited to learn how to improvise and choreograph better.
  • Enrollment in a second hip hop class at Backstage is required.
  • Dancers will attend the Monsters of Hip Hop Convention in Vancouver, WA, January 6-8. The convention fee is approximately $250/dancer.
  • Dancers will perform in one local festival (date TBD), in addition to the Backstage Spring Show in May 2017.
  • Class size is limited to 12 kids.

Class Description

  • Guest teachers will work with dancers once a month to inspire and share skill sets in specific/specialized hip hop styles, ie. popping/locking, breaking, gliding, tutting, whacking, animation etc.
  • Dancers will receive special training in:
    •  how to improvise/free style in hip hop
    •  how to choreograph dances
    •  how to perform
  • Students will receive guidance in leadership and team building skills.
  • Dancers will be responsible for choreographing their festival and Spring Show piece under the instructor’s guidance.