Alexis Florence


What is your favorite style of dance to DANCE?

Tap and contemporary would have to be my favorite styles to dance. I have a love for all dance styles, but both of these in particular allow me to express myself and my creativity which is one of the parts of dance I cherish the most.


What age did you start dancing?

As a toddler I would be constantly grooving and singing around the house, so my parents enrolled me into dance lessons as soon as possible, when I was three years old. I always got super excited about going to dance class and I still get that same feeling about dance to this day!


What hobby do you enjoy other than dance?

I enjoy hiking, going to the gym, and cheering on the huskies at UW football games!


What is your favorite food?

Ever since I was little, tater tot casserole is a family favorite dish that I can never resist.


What is your favorite animal?

Dogs have a special place in my heart and are definitely my favorite animal since they can always bring a giant smile to my face!