Marty Roberts


What is your favorite style of dance to DANCE? 

I don't have a favorite. I love dance, children and music, so here I am! But, if I had to choose I would currently say tap is my favorite. I love the interesting rhythms and footwork, and the challenge of making it visually entertaining too.


What age did you start dancing? 

Age 7, and I quote my mother’s words "so you won't be klutzy.”


What hobby do you enjoy other than dance? 

Not a lot of hobbies right now…  I'm 100% in this business and loving it! BUT, when I have time, I love to travel, and when I retire/cut back I will take piano lessons, learn French and Italian, and possibly learn how to cook, maybe.


What is your favorite food? 

I've never met a bad chocolate chip cookie 🙂


What is your favorite animal?

I'd be interested in a pet orangutan, if there was a way to do that! (As long as my husband wouldn't divorce me, but I'm pretty sure he would!)