Five Benefits of Dance and Performing Arts

At Backstage Dance Studio, we believe that learning how to dance and participate in the performing arts should be a wonderful experience for any child of any age.  We all know that dance and the performing arts provide great ways to keep the body moving and pumping energy, but there are other benefits you might not even be aware of.  This week we’d like to focus on The Five Benefits of Performing Arts.


We live in a world of instant gratification, expecting to be able to get what we want right away.  The performing arts teach children about the value of honing a skill, working on something consistently, improving over the days, weeks, months, and years.  Great progress is not something that occurs overnight, but through perseverance.  Children participating in the performing arts will discover the rewards of accomplishing a goal through hard work and over the course of time.


There are opportunities everywhere, and we’re not just talking about all the programs Backstage Dance Studio offers, which include dance, acro, Cirque, and a variety of performing arts classes.  We encourage students to think of every class as a fresh opportunity, a chance to learn something new, to get better at a step you already know, or to learn a whole new skill and work to hone it.   


Through our myriad of different classes and programs, students will have the chance to form forever friendships.  There’s something special about sharing the experience of the performing arts with other students, working on both your individual skills as well as team skills; after all, everyone is a part of the experience.  In a team environment, students work to encourage each other, to be the best that they can be, and to support each other’s dreams.  At Backstage Dance Studio, we strive to create friendships that last beyond the time students are a part of our studio, friendships that are forever. 


The performing arts prepare students for life in “the real world.”  By this, we mean that our classes and programs help students to learn important social skills which extend beyond the studio.  We offer programs for all age groups starting at pre-school and spanning into programs for adults.  Our youngest students benefit from learning how to take turns with each other, how to practice patience, and how to learn sharing.  Our teenage students benefit through learning about time management, including how to prepare for upcoming auditions or how to be prepared for a recital.  All ages are learning how to develop discipline and patience, skills which will transcend dance.


Comfort Challenges:
Preparing to learn new steps, performing in front of a live audience for the very first time, reaching for that far-off goal.  All these things help children to grow outside of their comfort zones.  We all have comfort zones and going beyond them is a great skill to learn.  Only by bursting through our comfort zones can we learn new skills.  It’s scary at first, but that’s perfectly natural, and students will find that once they expand beyond their comfort zones, there will be nothing they can’t accomplish.


The immediate joys of the performing arts are easy to spot, coming from the thrill of movement and music, but what follows is another, deeper type of joy, the joy that comes from long-term development and the discipline to commit to a new experience.  Of course, the five benefits we’ve listed are not the only benefits the performing arts offer.  There are many more, but the staff at Backstage Dance Studio believe that they are among the most important.  We hope parents will notice all five of the benefits in action as their children learn more and more skills through the performing arts offered at our studio.