Preschool through 2nd Grade

The Basics Program teaches body control and fine motor skills, along with classroom etiquette and social development. Dancers in this program are not graded on technique, but are expected to progress to the next age appropriate class each School Year Session. Given that technique is not used for placement, dancers may join this program at any age, up to second grade.

Terrific Twos

Terrific Twos is offered to our youngest students, giving them the opportunity to express themselves through music and movement. Encouraging social interaction, gross motor and listening skills, Terrific Twos is the perfect introduction to dance.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is for young dancers to experience the joy of self-expression through music and movement. Students will explore rhythm, coordination, and gross motor skill movements. These activities encourage the dancer to listen, focus, and follow directions.

Pre-Ballet & Tap

Pre-Ballet introduces dancers to the very basic elements of ballet. Skills such as marching, galloping, skipping, sliding, leaping, jumping, and elementary ballet body positions are incorporated throughout the course. Some classes also include tap, which is a dance form in which the dancer creates rhythms with their feet.


Combo classes are a great way for dancers to discover and learn different dance forms in a concentrated period of time. A portion of every class is spent working on designated dance styles, and dancers that elect to be in our Spring Show will perform multiple dances.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an upbeat and high energy form of dance, popularized by music videos and concert stages. Constantly evolving, hip hop blends jazz and street dance, to develop the dancer’s sense of personal style and creativity.

The Learning Stage

At The Learning Stage, our teachers enhance the minds of young children through a hands-on education, fostering a love for the arts. We believe that nurturing a child’s creative potential stands at the core of preparing them for life. Whether children grow-up to be choreographers or doctors, composers or engineers, encouraging the creative learning process is our main goal.

2021-2022 Tuition

Tuition installments (paid monthly on first business day of the month):
30-minute class $50
45-minute class $72
60-minute class $88
90-minute class $132
For a complete list of tuition prices, based on total hours dancer is enrolled, click here.