2nd Grade through Adult

The Graded Program offers classes for beginner to intermediate level dancers, in various styles offered at Backstage. Dancers may join this program at any time between 2nd Grade and 12th Grade. Advancement is based on correct body placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendation regarding classroom behavior and attendance. Dancers spend an average of two years at each level perfecting skills necessary to advance to the next level. Dancers receive an annual skill assessment at the end of each school year to place them for the next season.


Ballet emphasizes proper body positioning and development of correct muscle alignment. Grace, fluidity of movement, and discipline are core aspects of this dance form. Ballet is a necessity for the serious student of dance, as it is the foundation for all other dance forms. Our classical ballet program includes Russian, Cecchetti and Vaganova technique.


Contemporary is a dance form that integrates the discipline of ballet with the freedom of jazz. This class focuses on the use of personal emotion and storytelling through musicality and movement. A solid, ballet-based technique is an essential component of this style of dance; therefore, a portion of every class is dedicated to ballet training.


Jazz is a quick moving, technical dance form. Class will focus on flexibility, turns and leaps, and coordination, through center-floor work, across the floor progressions, and combinations.


Tap is an American dance form in which the dancer creates exciting, dynamic rhythms with their feet. Instruction includes emphasis on musicality, clarity of tap sounds, proper technique, speed, and a variety of styles of steps.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an upbeat and high energy form of dance, popularized by music videos and concert stages. Constantly evolving, hip hop blends jazz and street dance, to develop the dancer’s sense of personal style and creativity.

Acro & Cirque

Acro students will focus on combining dance with acrobatic movement. They will develop tumbling skills, while improving strength and flexibility through conditioning.

Cirque and Silks students will rotate through stations that tone and stretch every muscle group! Students will partner up and work through five phases: Aerial silks, Aerial Lyra (hoop), Aerial Sling (Yoga Hammock), Acro Yoga (partner flying and basing) and strength/stretch. All levels are welcome. A medium to high level of fitness is recommended for success and safety.

2021-2022 Tuition

Tuition installments (paid monthly on first business day of the month):
30-minute class $50
45-minute class $72
60-minute class $88
90-minute class $132
For a complete list of tuition prices, based on total hours dancer is enrolled, click here.