Acro & Cirque and Silks

Cirque & Silks students will rotate through stations that tone and stretch every muscle group! Students will partner up and work through five phases: Aerial silks, Aerial Lyra (hoop), Aerial Sling (Yoga Hammock), Acro Yoga (partner flying and basing) and strength/stretch. All levels are welcome. A medium to high level of fitness is recommended for success and safety.


Acro students will focus on combining dance with acrobatic movement. They will develop tumbling skills, while improving strength and flexibility through conditioning, in a partner/team environment.


Dress Code

  • Body conforming athletic clothes (no loose material that could catch on equipment)
  • Bare feet
  • Hair secured from around face and neck. ie. Ponytail, braids, bun.

what is Acro?