Launching a New Blog!

The staff at Backstage Dance Studio are very excited to announce the launching of a brand-new blog.  We look forward to updating our clients on a bi-weekly basis with new information about the studio and programs we offer, inspiring stories from both former and current dancers, and educational snippets of information designed to assist our parents and students with successful pathways.

At Backstage, we offer much more than just dance; we work to emphasize and encourage a variety of the performing arts, including Acro, Cirque, and our Triple Threat Theater Program.  These classes help students to learn about body awareness, setting and achieving goals, social interactions without the distraction of a screen, discipline, and perseverance.  It takes a commitment to learn and improve on dance, and students will find it to be a very rewarding experience when they improve on their goals.

A boy wearing a baseball cap and netting and a girl wearing a furry hat act out the lost boys scene from Peter Pan.

At Backstage, we also strive to create a culture of acceptance and respect for everyone; after all, the performing arts entail more than mere physical exercise.  We like to think of it as an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and learn how to work as a team.  We have been in business for over thirty years and many of our students have grown up to have children of their own who take classes with us right up into the present day, learning new skills and lessons and creating long-lasting friendships of their own.  At Backstage, we believe that we are all in this together, the parents raising wonderful children they want to see succeed, the teachers who are here to help students achieve their goals, and of course the students themselves.  It’s about more than dancing and the performing arts; it’s about creating conscientious children who will grow up to be upstanding adults.

A young woman dresses as Moana and greets students and summer dance camp.

Over the course of the next weeks and months, we will be providing bi-weekly updates on what’s happening at our studio, how students can get involved, and some of the new programs we plan to offer. 

Coming up soon, we will be discussing:

Why Failure can be a Gift.  Many people view failure as a negative thing, but we believe that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone fails at something in their life.  Through failure, we learn to improve ourselves and to do better in the future.  Rather than something to be avoided, we believe failure can be a gift through which we learn. Many of the most famous and successful people in the world failed at their first attempts out the gate.  Think of a writer, an artist, a singer, an athlete, an actor, anyone that you admire, and you can be sure that they have failed at something in their lives.  Only through successful failures and the resilience to keep on trucking did these people reach their full potential and become the successes they are today.

Respect, Manners, and Working with Others. Dance and the performing arts are not solo activities.  They are all part of a great team and it takes many individuals to form that team and make it strong.  In life, you will have to work with lots of different people from lots of different backgrounds.  Maybe you like them, maybe you don’t, but we’ve all got to learn to get along and encourage each other’s strengths so we can, as a team, be the best that we can be.

Testimonials. We are excited to include some true-life stories from our students, both past and present.  Some of them have only been with us a short while, and some of them have been with us for years.  They all have stories they’d like to share and we look forward to sharing them on this blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read our opening blog and please make sure to keep on checking in the weeks ahead as we post new and exciting information.