The Benefits of Performance

At Backstage Dance Studio, we believe dance is an amazing example of a performing art. However, it’s hardly the only one. In addition to dance, we have programs in Triple Threat theater and acrobatics, and the annual Spring Show serves as the culmination for all the hard work of our students and teachers. Performing onstage is a great tool for building a child’s confidence. But just how can one special event create such a big difference? Well, it’s not just about the day; it’s also about all the days and weeks and months leading up to it, paying off in a culmination of all that hard work.

In our experience at Backstage Dance Studio, the rise in confidence all starts in the classroom. Whether a student is improving their shuffle ball change in tap class, perfecting their voice for a solo singing performance in Triple Threat, or strengthening an acrobatic movie in an acro class, all that classroom practice leads to an increase in confidence. Through compliments and constructive criticism from their teacher, each student becomes more determined to improve.

Everyone is different. For some students, this confidence boost will come easily over time, but in others it can be more daunting. Sometimes a student may feel down on themselves because they aren’t learning a step or a concept fast enough. We teach that everyone learns at their own pace and it’s not a race. With time and practice, everyone will make progress. Once that student begins to see their efforts paying off, that’s when their confidence soars! Overcoming a temporary slump only helps to make students stronger, more confident, and a better performer. 

As recital day gets closer and closer, and the choreography has been perfected, teachers often see a marked spike in confidence amongst students. They’re excited for the big day, they’re practicing hard, and they’re becoming more assured. When the show finally arrives, students may find their confidence wavering. That’s nothing to worry about, since by now they’ve already built up their ‘confidence muscles’ in class. Over the years, we’ve seen many students transition from fear of being onstage to never wanting to get off the stage!

There’s nothing quite as special or magical for a performer than hearing the audience applaud. After all the time and hard work to get ready for the big day, the sound of enthusiastic applause is a confidence booster like no other. Your friends and family are out there, watching you, supporting you, and loving your performance. The pride students feel in this moment is very much deserved.  The sense of accomplishment after getting out there and performing is huge and we have seen it transform lives.  Spring Show time can be daunting, but in the end it’s more rewarding than you can imagine.