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Basics (Ages 2-7)

The Basics Program teaches body control and fine motor skills, along with classroom etiquette and social development. Dancers in this program are not graded on technique, but are expected to progress to the next age appropriate class each School Year Session. Given that technique is not used for placement, dancers may join this program at any age, up to second grade.

Graded (Ages 7-Adult)

The Graded Program offers classes for beginner to intermediate level dancers, in various styles offered at Backstage. Dancers may join this program at any time between 2nd Grade and 12th Grade. Advancement is based on correct body placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendation regarding classroom behavior and attendance. Dancers spend an average of two years at each level perfecting skills necessary to advance to the next level. Dancers receive an annual skill assessment at the end of each school year to place them for the next season.

Intensive (Ages 8-18)

The Intensive Program offers classes for intermediate to advanced level dancers, in various styles. Dancers must commit to a minimum of two dance days per week to participate in this program. Audition and/or teacher approval is required for enrollment in these classes. These classes are designed for the focused dancer wanting to take their skills and dance education to the next level.