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Teaching Team

Dance teacher and studio owner Marty

Marty Roberts

I don’t have a favorite. I love dance, children and music, so here I am! But, if I had to choose I would currently say tap is my favorite. I love the interesting rhythms and footwork, and the challenge of making it visually entertaining too.

Age 7, and I quote my mother’s words “so you won’t be klutzy.”

Not a lot of hobbies right now… I’m 100% in this business and loving it! BUT, when I have time, I love to travel, and when I retire/cut back I will take piano lessons, learn French and Italian, and possibly learn how to cook, maybe.

I’ve never met a bad chocolate chip cookie 🙂

I’d be interested in a pet orangutan, if there was a way to do that! (As long as my husband wouldn’t divorce me, but I’m pretty sure he would!)

Dance teacher Kelly

Kelly Bahr

I started when I was 5, but then I quit for a year and started again when I was 7 because my cousin got really cool costumes the year I didn’t dance.

Anything artsy… painting, drawing, sewing, crocheting, crafting, etc. My degree is in graphic design. 

Pizza and Ice Cream!

Dance teacher Jenni

Jenni Coles

Line Dancing (it doesn’t hurt).

It’s a tie between my Yorkie Pippa, and an orangutan. 

Dance teacher Lex

Lex Florence

I feel the most free dancing contemporary and have a huge soft spot for tap.
My dancing career started at 3 years old following Bella Dancerella with a plastic ballet barre in my living room. Recreationally, I started local ballet classes at 4 years old.
Walking in nature, particularly along bodies of water or when the rain is sprinkling outside.
Poke is my go-to stop when I’m out and about!
Ducks! They bring me so much joy and peace when I stumble across them. 🤗
Dance teacher Leta

Leta Frisch

I don’t have a favorite. I love dance, children and music, so here I am! But, if I had to choose I would currently say tap is my favorite. I love the interesting rhythms and footwork, and the challenge of making it visually entertaining too.

I started dancing at age 6.

Other hobbies I have are singing, reading, movies, sewing, walking my dog, and spending time with family.

I LOVE food!!! Mexican, Asian, and BBQ are my favorites.

I have more than one favorite…dogs (Boston Terrier = dog for me), horses (we had two while I was growing up), bunnies, and birds.

Rhonda George

Depending on what mood I am in, I would say, I enjoy dancing lyrical/contemporary; however, a sassy jazz is always fun!!

I was 8 years old when I started taking ballet classes.

Being a mom to my two children has been my hobby, but spending time with friends and family, scrap booking, traveling for competitions, and cuddling my dog.

I suppose I should say kale or something green, but honestly, it’s probably mashed potatoes and artichokes.

I find most animals to be majestic, especially in the cat family, lions, cheetahs, panthers, etc. and of course any puppy.

Dance teacher Elise

Elise Meiners

Ballet has always been my love but my second is Gaga, which is a dance language from Israel.

I started at age 3 — my mom was my teacher!

Music, art, any outdoor activity or sport.

My favorite animal is my texas heeler, Shep. Also, mountain goats.

Stephanie Merrow

While I was on the drill team in High School, I didn’t take dance classes until my mid-20s.

Aerial Arts, Yoga, Horsepersonship and Social Justice

Tani Ohashi

The style with endless possibilities – MODERN.

I officially started dancing at age six. I tried when I was younger, but was too shy!

There are so many (my Venus is in Gemini)! All forms of design, fashion, arts and crafts, baking, astrology, and most importantly traveling.

Hands down, noodle soup (i.e. ramen, phở, wonton, yen ta fo, naengmyoen, udon).

I adore all animals! Especially cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, seals, otters, and foxes. 

Dance teacher Haley

Hailey Sieben

I really love to try new food and drink spots with my friends (coffee shops included!). I also enjoy running errands that involve shopping. It makes it more fun I think (:

Fast, Chipotle. Healthy, salads, poke, and sushi. Comfort, mac & cheese.

Dogs are so special, but I do love all things bunny and hippo as well.

Dance teacher Jenn

Jenn Smith

My fave style of dance to dance is contemporary mixed with hip hop.

I started dancing when I was 14.

Other hobbies I enjoy are doing gymnastics and singing.

My fave food is sushi.

My fave animal is elephants.

Piper Robertson

I love ballet the most, but any kind of dancing makes me happy!
I started dancing when I was three and have continued ever since.
Aside from dancing I love to read, draw, and cook.
My favorite food is ice cream.
My favorite animal is my cat, Smudgie!!

Administrative Staff

Bailey Roberts

Team Manager

Tara Waller

Office Manager

Yvonna Dorantes

Office Team Member

Mona Jesion

Office Team Member

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